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The true spirit of Diving

SCUBA Diving in Cozumel has become more a business than an adventure.

Alex Scuba goes back to the basics, rescuing the true spirit of diving and helping every diver experience the excitement and joy of exploring the underwater world of Cozumel.

What makes diving with us a great experience?

Our patient, friendly staff.

An easy-going, laid back atmosphere at every stage of your diving trip or SCUBA course.

The sincere desire to make your diving experience the highlight of your vacation.

Come and experience the true spirit of diving with Alex SCUBA!

Special offer

In the last year I had the pleasure to certified some of my divers as Master Scuba Divers, they came a long way from those first Open Water dives and missing theirs safety stops until master their buoyancy and became better, safer, environmentally aware divers.

We will love to see more and more divers achieving this level of knowledge and skills, that is why from today until the end of August we will have every single one of our Specialty Courses with a 10% off their regular price!

Remember that any and every dive you took in your Advanced Open Water course can be use as part of any Specialty Course and the other way around.

Don´t wait any longer and take the road to become a Master Scuba Diver this 2014 !

Check out our Dive Instruction section under Services and Prices to pick the Specialty Course you are going to take !!!


For the fouth year Trip Advisor honored us with the Certificate Of Excellence.



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